Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do my orders get processed?

All orders and payment are processed through our website, we do not accept orders via email, phone or fax, as our system is automated for rapid fulfillment. Therefore, you must login to your account to place your orders online. After your payment has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation email for your order.

What happens if an item on my order is out of stock?

If we are out of stock on an item that you've ordered, we will notify you via email. Any changes will be reflected in your order total as well as in your shipping confirmation. Although we make every effort to keep sufficient stock of items listed on I LOVE YOU®, occasionally we do sell out of certain products. We cannot guarantee that the stock quantities are correct at any given moment and items you ordered are available at the time we process your order. Therefore, placement of an order does not guarantee that the items you ordered will be available.

Because of the contracts and relationships we have with our suppliers, the products sold on our site are intended for personal use only, not for resale. We reserve the right to cancel orders that appear to be for resale purposes.

How do I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order within 24 hours of placing the order, please contact us with your order number. Please note that once your order is being processed, your order cannot be cancelled.

How will I receive my package?

All products are shipped in plain brown boxes or envelopes (depending on the nature and/or size of your order) and will be 100% discreet.

As a company that ships internationally, regardless of destination, we are required to provide a description of contents for every shipment. Unless required by international customs regulations, our company name and logo is not displayed in any way on the box itself.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally.

International customers purchasing from our website are required to be aware of and prepared for any import duties, taxes, or fees that are subject to the importation of goods purchased on our website by their country.

These fees are regulated by the customs and border control agencies within the destination country and are unfortunately out of our hands. If your package is returned due to non-payment of import fees your shipping charge may not be refunded, and the returned shipments may subject to a 25% restocking fee. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How are the products packaged?

Items are sold however our manufacturers send them to us. If the product is in retail packaging or boxed, an image of the package will be shown. If there is no image of packaging, the item is shipped in a clear poly bag only.

How do you measure the products?

The length measurement indicates the entire length of the toy, from top to bottom including any handles and bases. With your toy placed on a seamless hard surface, hold one end of the measuring tape at the tip of the toy's head and extend it to its base. Do not curl the measuring tape over the base.
The width measurement indicates the horizontal diameter of the toy's surface at its widest point. With the toy placed on a seamless hard surface, place one end of the measuring tape flat across its widest point. Do not curl the measuring tape around the edges of the toy.
The insertable Length measurement indicates only the length of the insertable portion of the toy, excluding any surface that is not intended for penetration. With your toy placed on a seamless hard surface, hold one end of the measuring tape at the tip of the toy's head and extend it only to the end of the shaft. If your toy has a harness base, suction base, testicles, or a handle, it is not a part of the toy's insertable length measurement.
The girth measurement indicates the circumference of the toy around its widest point. With the toy held upwards on a hard surface, hold one end of the measuring tape at the center of its widest point, and wrap it around the toy until you're back where you started. Be sure not to overlap the measuring tape to get an accurate measurement.